buffalo macaroni and cheese

school lunches were always a BIG deal when i was little. all the cool kids were ‘packers’ – you know, their parents tossed gross sandwiches into brown paper bags and ...

easy as apple pie

happy SEPTEMBER!! (can you believe it’s already september?! where on EARTH did this summer go?!?!) so, given it’s the first monday of september, it’s time to unveil the theme for ...

peach-y cocktails – an overripe bonus!

so if you are ANYTHING like me, you have purchased/picked way too many peaches, and now there are a big old handful of ’em sitting on your counter that are ...


salt (a love story)

salt. oh precious, fabulous, delicious salt. that small shaker that so often ...

first figs…

figs are my FAVORITE first sign that fall is not far away… ...

cocktails are a’comin!

are you so excited about early fall cocktails? me too! check back ...

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peaches galore…

just as promised…. peaches.and.cream galore! as i write this, i’m lamenting (just a wee bit) the goodbye.to.summer. i’m gonna miss the pool afternoons. and the dripping popsicles. and the plethora of outdoor.evening.music.options. but i am NOT going to miss the chiggers infestation. or the nights.of.endless.sweat. or those god.awful.sweltering.afternoon.runs. i’m so ready for fall. bring on the […]

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peaches.and.cream sneakpeek

summer just isn’t summer without peaches. honey sweet. drip.all.over.your.face juicy. floral and fragrant and just freaking fabulous. and at this point, peaches are selling for CHEAP – especially those big boxes of scratch.and.dent ones that take a forklift to hoist into your car but are totally TOTALLY worth the effort… (i just might have purchased […]

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there are some days, and some events, that deserve an i’m.so.friggin.proud.of.you.treat (think first days of school, great report cards, your.boss.is.a.jerk.but.you.are.still.super.cool – you know the days i’m talking about! (my brilliant.friend.anne defends her phd dissertation tomorrow morning (see, i TOLD you she was brilliant!) – she totally deserved an i’m.so.frigging.proud.of.you.treat tonight…) enter the lemon bar. so so […]

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getting excited for apples…

although the hurricane is threatening to drown the entire eastern seaboard, and most people are caught running from one grocery store to the next looking for bottled water and canned tuna, i’m caught simply thinking about september…and fall leaves…and nubbly sweaters…and apples. lots and lots of apples. apple picking. apple cider with cinnamon sticks. apple […]

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asheville roadtrip sneakpeek

the sister and i had a fabulous two days on the road in asheville last week — here’s a quick sneakpeek at some of our super fun finds!

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loving tomatoes

loving these late summer tomatoes —- getting so excited to show you all some options for using up all these beauties!!!

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4 ways to wonderful…

hello friends!!! we all love delicious, beautiful food. that’s a given. but we all also have exceedingly different lives — some of us have tons of little ones constantly running under foot, some of us are trying to just keep up with our work/life-balanced single lives, and some of us have just recently said goodbye […]

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  check back soon for recipes, pics, and ideas!

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